New Construction


Lee Plumbing works with contractors throughout Muskoka. We can complete the entire plumbing process from planning to roughing-in to supplying and installing fixtures. 



Are you updating your home, cottage or commercial building? Lee Plumbing can replace old pipes, relocate plumbing, update your fixtures and more. Visit our showroom for inspiration!


Service calls

Lee Plumbing can help with a variety of common plumbing problems, including leaks, failure of water or sewage pumps, frozen pipes, and back ups. Call us at 705-641-1656, or fill out the form:

Lee Plumbing sells, services and installs copper, flex PEX piping, ABS and cast drain piping, water and sewage pumps, UV and filter systems, hot water heaters, shower and kitchen valves as well as bath, kitchen and laundry fixtures.